The Fed in Retrograde

As central banks have back-pedaled on their tightening polices, stocks have continued higher in unabated fashion since December. We are now above a key support level (2,600) which should hold if stocks are to continue higher into the spring. It is easy to recognize the correlation of the stock market to Fed policies which is […]

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$SPY: S&P 500 ETF

Bonds vs. Stocks

Almost a good week for the stock market. What looked to be a breakout mid-week, ended up being weak price action that confirmed a technical pattern that implies we are likely to test the lows again next week. Let’s take a closer look at the S&P 500 to see what is going on:   Another […]

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Evening Doji Star

Breakout Failure

A good week for stocks until Friday afternoon where the DOW rolled over and pulled the other indices lower. In fact, the indices were in the midst of breaking out to the upside this week but failed in their effort and were pulled down to the 200 day line, again. What I would also like […]

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