Wall Street jambalaya

Economic Jambalaya

We will have an eventful upcoming week with the Fed meeting on Wednesday as three months have gone by with little progress on inflation. The Fed’s messaging at the end of last year was wrong (4-6 rate cuts) and it is clear that inflation will take much longer to eradicate without a recession. On Friday, […]

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Technicals and Prices

An uneventful week in the US financial markets as stocks and bonds retrace their advances over the last several weeks. Several Fed Governors were on the speaking circuits this week including Powell who gyrated the market on Tuesday. The CPI/PPI numbers are released next week and will give another progress report on the Fed’s efforts […]

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Race Car

Rally Ready?

The stock market is showing signs of life this year we have another hurdle to overcome as the next Fed’s policy statement on Wednesday will be closely watched by Wall Street. Six months ago there was a feel that the Fed might have to march rates to 7% but inflation numbers are abating and the […]

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Oil Futures

Mr. Powell’s Wild Ride

The central bank roller coaster will get another push this week as we will get more detail on the unwinding of the Fed’s balance sheet and the trajectory of rate increases. Chairman Powell revealed in Congressional testimony this month that they will increase 0.25% on Wednesday. However, there was not much said about their bond […]

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