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The Trump Rally is Over

In the last Market Update (two weeks ago), I discussed a correction along the lines of 5% that was imminent and what we got was a shallow zig-zag like correction that ended with the Fed announcement on Wednesday (more on this in the next section). A larger correction is still in the cards so we may have a “sell […]

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The Uptrend Is Weakening

The rally since the Presidential election has finally started to show its age. Sentiment is at extreme highs and there are technical signals that a moderate correction is at hand. How much? We can look to the prior correction of 6% from last spring/summer that lasted about eight weeks as a proxy (more in the […]

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The Trend Continues

Another week of interest rates moving sideways and stocks inching higher. We are starting to get technical readings that show some weakness in the uptrend but nothing to cause a fire drill. Still not much word on language to policy changes for taxes or healthcare – maybe next month. Economic & Central Banking Snippets Federal […]

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