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Holding the Line

This past week has been very choppy, unpredictable and taxing to those who watch the tape. The good news is that we tested the 200 day for most of the week and it held with a good close on Thursday to end the first quarter of 2018. Wether we crash from here or re-gain our […]

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Bottom or Bust!

The stock market continues to try and resolve the technical wreckage from the sell-off that occurred in February after a top in late January. In many cases, you will see stocks test a bottom twice before finding a base and continuing to move higher – a double bottom. Will we find a bottom or is a […]

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Kisco Capital

Aloha, Volatility!

Will the spike in volatility retreat in the coming trading sessions or is it here to stay? As I mentioned at the end of last year, the period of ultra-low volatility ended when the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates and reducing its balance sheet. One culprit for this spate in volatility is interest rates […]

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