Who is Kisco Capital?

Paul McCarthy, President of Kisco Capital, LLC
Paul J. McCarthy, President of Kisco Capital, LLC.

Kisco Capital is an independent Registered Investment Adviser that provides a client centric approach to managing retirement and investment accounts. The firm’s investment philosophy centers around the business cycle, sentiment, technical analysis and the macroeconomic environment. Investments are allocated beginning with a top-down approach to construct a portfolio that fits your financial goals and risk profile. The firm acts in a fiduciary role and has an open architecture so there is no obligation to sell any financial products (annuities, mutual funds, etc.) for commissions.

​​You can use the experience and market knowledge of the firm to your advantage. On a daily basis, Kisco Capital monitors stocks, interest rates, credit markets, currencies and macroeconomic data that can affect your portfolio’s performance. The firm acts as your eyes and ears on the markets while you go about your daily life. I go through my investment process in more detail in the firm’s brochure – email me at paulmccarthy@kiscocap.com to get a copy at no obligation.

All client assets are held at a third-party custodian (Interactive Brokers) in the clients’ name. Kisco Capital only has trading authority to buy/sell on behalf of its client base. There is no commingling of funds as all clients have separately managed accounts.

The compensation structure is designed to eliminate conflicts of interest between the firm and its clients as it is based upon assets under management as Kisco Capital does not pursue commission based compensation structures.

Kisco Capital is based in Westchester County, New York and is wholly owned and operated by Paul J. McCarthy, III CFA. The firm began offering its services to clients in late 2015.